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Pakistan must apologize for genocide in connection with partition, Pakistan’s atrocities will never be forgiven

Bangladesh’s soil is the result of the tragedy of two divisions. The partition of India in 1947 and the partition of Pakistan in 1971 gave Bangladesh tears and never-healing wounds. Bangladesh has now demanded an apology for the genocide committed by Pakistan in connection with the 1971 partition. Bangladesh Foreign Minister MD Shahriar Alam in a message to Pakistani diplomat Imran Ahmed Siddiqui demanded that those responsible for the country’s never-healing wound must apologize.

In a message to Pakistan, Bangladesh said bilateral issues between the two countries, including Pakistan’s apology for the 1971 genocide, needed to be resolved. Bangladesh has officially asked Pakistan to apologize in the wake of the country’s 50th anniversary.

In a message to Pakistan, the Bangladeshi envoy also spoke about the sharing of assets between the two countries. Bangladesh has now officially called on Pakistan to apologize for its genocide against the struggle for independence.

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