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A man surprised to find his dead father’s unexpected photo taken by Google Earth while searching for home

A young man was searching for his parents’ house on Google to change the boredom of the Covid era. But to his surprise, he found a picture of his father on Google. Google Earth was amazed to find a photo of his father standing on the roadside, who died seven years ago.

Teacher Ufo, a Japanese Twitter user, shared the information, including a photo from Google Earth. The young man’s father is standing on the roadside as if waiting for someone. Of course, he says, it’s waiting for his mother. He also remembers that his father was a very calm and kind person. The young man shared a photo of himself saying, “I saw my father who died seven years ago.” The tweet, which included images taken by a Google camera shared on January 4, has already been liked by more than 69 lakh people. More than 11 lakh people retweeted the post.

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