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“Cheers, all the way for Bio-Liquors”!!! Introducing alcohol brewed with Ayurvedic ingredients

Introducing alcohol fermented with tulsi, aloe vera, gooseberry, ashwagandha, and a combination of other Ayurvedic components. The Bengaluru-based Bio Liquors will produce out the whisky, brandy, rum, and vodka seasoned with certain age-old Indian leaves and berries and herbs. As great as they can be on these natural components is what the company declares. The bio liquor is accordingly not only pure but rich in Nature’s generosity.

The innovative outcome is expected to initiate the spouts to a flourishing business in oleoresin infusions, essences, and other flavoring agents. Companies in Kerala have now started operating on the chances of providing infusions. They are enthusiastic about reaching out with real and pure essences of tulsi and ashwagandha to either join into the establishment of brewing or operate as suppliers of Nature’s flavors.

It seems like the indigenous business is out to profit from the trade and management of oleoresins in liquor making. Bio Liquors has then placed the trend by mixing liquor with ayurvedic essences, herbs, and spices. The organization which has for long been in the making of ayurvedic medicines has gained a name for itself and has acquired the prestigious Indira Priyadarsini national award.

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The company also accomplished honors at the drink tasting competition held recently in the US. Not only is bio liquor kind to the liver, but it also wipes away poisons the body manages to collect, says Bio Liquors MD Srinivasa Rayalu.






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