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“Google” has threatened to pull its search engine from Australia!!!

The deadlock between Google and Australian governments seems to be getting severe as the firm has warned to discontinue advancing its popular search engine open in Australia if a suggested law by the government is taken into effect.

This introduced rule has become such an event as it would see Google obliged to fund news publishers for their content the first for the tech colossus over the world. The recommended code which will also recognize Facebook pay publishers is widely viewing a pushback from Google which has delivered its opinions on the subject definite. Google’s Australia managing director Mel Silva even told a Senate recording earlier that the offered news media law will be “unworkable”, and the company is processed to quit the Australian market. “If this version of the code were to become law, it would give us no real choice but to stop making Google Search available in Australia,” Silva told.

If it really endures going forward with it this warning to impair its search function in Australia will come as a significant declaration by Google which observes billions of people daily mass to its search portal for solutions to some of the most basic questions. The Australian government has been very obvious on how it intends to take things ahead. Responding to Google’s announcements, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said the government would not reply to warnings.

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Speaking to the media, he stated, “Australia makes our rules for things you can do in Australia. That’s done in our Parliament. It’s done by our government, and that’s how things work here in Australia, People who want to work with that, in Australia, you’re very welcome. But we don’t respond to threats.” However, Google has prevailed inflexible with Silva describing the government’s attitude as the “worst-case scenario” while insisting that Google’s announcement on the subject is not a menace but truth.

“We have had to stop after looking at the law, in particular, we do not see a way, with the financial and operational risks, that we could proceed to grant service in Australia. This requirement in the law would set an unreasonable precedent for our businesses and the digital economy. It’s not agreeable with how search engines work or how the internet works,” she stated.

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