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” Pakistan gets slammed by India” at UN assembly in connection with the protection of religious sites.

India has hurled Pakistan and prompted the United Nations to not take views when it appears to safeguard religious places over the globe in today’s circumstances. India at the 75th assembly of the United Nations General Assembly has declared it is an absurdity that Pakistan is an example of the co-sponsors of the decision on improving culture and safeguarding religious places. India, at the Adoption of Resolution on encouraging a culture of peace & compassion to safeguard religious places, at the United Nations, said, “In the world of growing terrorism, violent extremism, radicalization and intolerance, religious sites and cultural heritage sites remain exposed to terror actions and destruction.”

“The images of the shattering of the iconic Bamyan Buddha by fundamentalists are yet strong in our memories. The terrorist attack of the Sikh gurudwara in Afghanistan where 25 Sikh worshipers were killed is yet another instance of this vulnerability. Recently, in December 2020, a historic Hindu temple was attacked and placed on fire by a mob in the town of Karak in Pakistan with precise maintenance and complicity with the law enforcement agencies which, endured as silent spectators while the historic temple was being destroyed,” said India’s representative at the UN assembly.

India then moved on to appeal, “India reemphasizes its request for the principles of objectivity, non-selectivity, and impartiality to create the basis of discussions in the United Nations particularly on the subject of religion. The United Nations including the UN Alliance of Civilizations should not take surfaces and as long as such selectivity subsists, the world can never actually nourish a culture of peace. We must stand united against the forces that remove dialogue and peace with hatred and violence.”

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Crashing out at Pakistan, India said, “It is a subject of great irony that the country where the most recent attack and destruction of a Hindu temple took place in a range of such charges and where the rights of minorities are being weakened is one of the co-sponsors of the resolution under the agenda item “Culture of Peace”. The decision cannot be a masquerade for countries like Pakistan to conceal behind.”The ambassador also explained India’s position on safeguarding religious corporations assuming the country has severe laws against violence or discrimination based on religion and related to the Places of Worship Act of 1991.

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