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‘Socialist radicals’ adorn Biden’s office!!

An Oval Office makeover by incoming President Joe Biden has resulted in taking out symbols of imperialism and racism and bringing in revisionist icons, leading to renewed tug between conservatives and liberals in Washington’s never-ending political and ideological wars.

Removed from President Biden’s sight is the bust of arch imperialist and India-hater Winston Churchill, a model to Donald Trump, who had brought him back to the Oval Office after President Obama had banished him. Also removed is another Trump idol, Andrew Jackson, the 7th US President, whose forced march and relocation of 100,000 Native Americans ended in a “trail of tears” that killed thousands.

Coming into the Oval Office are Martin Luther King Jr, firebrand Latino Union leader Cesar Chavez, and civil rights icon Rosa Parks, all supporters of Churchill’s arch-enemy Mahatma Gandhi, all seen as “socialist radicals,” and all heroes to Biden’s vice-president Kamala Harris.

The makeover has stirred Trumpublicans and conservatives, who have long disturbed about a “socialist” takeover of the White House. One even commented the removal of the Churchill bust is a slap in the face to the British and any prospects of good relations.


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