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“Payment app will no longer offer domestic payment services within India from 1 April” ; Report

PayPal will close operations in India for payments gateway and aggregator assistance for merchants and brands this year, and rather a scale-up cross border trade market for small enterprises, a spokesperson told. The focus move is pointed at streamlining procedures in the nation and obtaining a “significant share of the inward remittances market,” the report said.

The California-based digital payments company will initiate a restructuring action and from February 6, Indian merchant partners will be informed about “plans to terminate contracts by April 1,” the source said. They added that the company has observed plans to “protect business and optimize extension here since early days of the pandemic” and “decided we are best set concentrating on facilitating cross-border trades and exports” as the step ahead after precise review. The spokesperson said that concentrating on “doing one thing right rather than multiple businesses” made sense, however figured that while payment gateway and aggregator assistance will close from April 1, the firm will continue operations “live” for conflict analysis and settlements.

“While the domestic payment service will have run its course by the end of the current fiscal year, we are ensuring that this process is smooth for our customers and employees here,” they said.PayPal’s inward remittances increased by 22 percent to 1.4 billion dollars in capacity by 2020 largely supported by edutech, fashion, and wellness areas. It will overlook “stiff competition” from MoneyGram and Western Union in the cross-border business.

Reacting to the report, a spokesperson for PayPal told: “We believe PayPal can have the biggest positive influence in India’s economic revival by turning our business to help our customers where they require us most. From 1 April 2021, we will concentrate all our attention on allowing more international commerce for Indian businesses, and move focus away from our domestic goods in India. This suggests we will no longer offer domestic payment services within India from 1 April.”

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“PayPal is obliged to doing all we can to support Indian businesses through these challenging times. The critical position our global payments platform operates in India has only been amplified by the pandemic. In fact, PayPal concocted USD 1.4 billion value of international sales for over 360,000 merchants in India last year. We will proceed to spend in product development that allows Indian businesses to relinquish nearly 350 million PayPal consumers worldwide, grow their sales globally, and assist the Indian economy return to growth,” the statement added.


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