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Protesters will named as “anti-national” or “anti-social” ; May bar people from getting passports

Broadcasting something on social media considered “anti-national” could obstruct people from obtaining passports and arms licenses in Uttarakhand. Meanwhile, entering a protest or staging a barricade could prevent people from getting bank loans, government jobs, and a acquire other services in Bihar. Though, soon after the regulations, announced by the police heads of the particular states, generated a controversy, DGPs in both the states said there was “nothing new” in the fundamental structure of the laws they were executing.

After the Police Officers’ Conference in Dehradun on Tuesday, Uttarakhand DGP Ashok Kumar announced at a press conference that police will keep a database of social media movement that is “anti-national” or “anti-social” to be practiced for police verification when someone asks for a passport or arms permit. The judgment was carried at the two-day conference.

A senior Uttarakhand Police official told, “The decision will have an impact only on those who post anti-national content which compromises the sovereignty and security of the country, and can be a threat to law and order.”A day before Uttarakhand declared it is extending the range of social media analysis, Bihar had determined to maintain an eye on demonstrations. Bihar DGP SK Singhal’s order declared on Monday, noted nine services for which police verification is required: government jobs, work contracts for government projects, arms licenses, passports, character certificates, licenses for petrol pumps and gas agencies, bank loans, contractual work for government-aided organizations, and any other work for which police may consider a verification necessary.

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By Thursday, between a debate over the laws, police in both states declared that they were not breaking the rules but only supporting them more rigorously. In Bihar, ADG Jitendra Kumar told that all points stated in the scheme are already in the application as per laws. “nowhere is the order impinging on anyone’s rights to protest.”


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