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In a Muslim-majority country, it is no longer mandatory to wear a headscarf in schools….

Jakarta: Indonesia with new law in the country. Indonesia’s new law opposes decision to make Muslim clothing compulsory in schools The new order also says that schools will face penalty if they force children to wear Muslim religious clothing (hijab). Recently, a 16-year-old Christian girl was asked by school authorities to come to school wearing a Muslim headscarf. Following the controversy, Indonesia passed a new law.

The headscarf controversy in schools has been one of the most talked about issues in Indonesia in recent days. A A Christian student at a vocational school in Padang, Indonesia, was repeatedly asked by school authorities to wear a Muslim headscarf when she came to class. The child was not ready for it. With this, the school authorities asked the child to call the parents.

Meanwhile, the parents secretly filmed the discussion with the school authorities on their mobile phones and spread it on social media. With this, the issue became much discussed in Indonesia. In the video, officials said the school has a rule that all students, including non-Muslims, must wear a headscarf in accordance with school rules.

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