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“Fuel prices have gone up again” ; Petrol prices crossed Rs 90 per liter in the state

Thiruvananthapuram: Fuel charges have gone up again in the state today. Petrol price was hiked by 35 paise and diesel by 37 paise. Petrol prices go up by Rs 90 in rural areas. 89.18 per liter and Rs. 83.33 per liter for diesel. With petrol prices have been steadily crawling up for the past 10 days. The price of petrol in a few cities has even passed the value of Rs 90 per litre.

In Cochin, petrol was priced at Rs 87.57 and diesel at Rs 81.82. Petrol and diesel prices in the state have gone up by Rs 16 per liter in the last eight months. Petrol prices have been creeping up steadily for the past 10 days and it has crossed the Rs 90 per litre-mark in several cities. Since petrol prices vary due to varying tax management, it is still under Rs 80 per litre in some cities even as it is steep in others. Among the cities where petrol price has crossed the Rs, 90-mark is Bhopal and Indore in Madhya Pradesh and Aurangabad in Maharashtra.

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Currently, the Petrol rate is lowest in Chandigarh (Punjab and Haryana) at Rs 79.28 per litre, followed by Vadodara at Rs 79.42 per litre, Surat at Rs 79.76 per litre, and Ahmedabad at Rs 79.77 per litre. Commenting on the steep rise in petrol price, Madhya Pradesh Petrol Pump Owners Associations president Ajay Singh told that crude prices are rising due to a rise in demand following the easing of coronavirus lockdown across the world.


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