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What are goats for? For surfing…wait,what? yeah here you go

We GOaT you!!!!!!!!!

What are goats for? For meat, milk and what else? What about them going out on waves for surfing? Wait… What being told is not a joke anymore. Meet these ‘Surfing Goats’ from California.

Pretty sure that this story might be hard for you to believe without any proof. And here is the evidence. Take a look. This goat couple goes along with surfing experts. They are daring because you see them enjoying each surf and each wave. Like the experts, they too stand on surfboards which is being controlled by six people.


The Surfing Goats’ are owned and taken care of by  Dana McGregor. The couple’s favourite spot is Pismo Beach. Interestingly, it is an organisation that gives surfing lessons to humans and critters. The organisation offers packages for family and friends who wish to learn surfing. And the biggest offer is that they can take lessons on surfing with this ‘daring couple’.

“We are here to bring joy to the world! To all the boys and girls, a joy to the fishes and goats that surf in the sea, joy to you n me! Whether you want to surf like a goat, hike like a goat, or dress like a goat…We GOaT you!” the organisation’s website states.


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