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The virus, which has been genetically modified in the UK, could pose a threat to the world and the vaccine itself….

London: A new coronavirus found in Kent, UK, has been warned that it could pose a threat to the world. Sharon Peacock, director of the UK Genetic Surveillance Program, said the virus was capable of overcoming even the immunity acquired through the vaccine. The virus has now spread across the UK.

It has all the potential to spread around the world. They also said that the Kent virus could undermine the vaccination. In this case, more efforts would be needed to strengthen the vaccine. Sharon says he will also have to give a booster dose of the vaccine if needed. Booster doses are given after receiving the required vaccine doses for prevention.

Current vaccines are effective against virus variants previously detected in the UK. But Sharon says the genetic mutation that happens to them could also overwhelm the vaccine.

“The uniqueness of the British variant is that it spreads quickly to more people. It is likely to spread around the world. Concerns can only be reduced if the vaccine is found to overcome the virus or if it is genetically modified so as not to cause infection, “said Sharon.

At the same time, 23.66 lakh people in the world have lost their lives due to Covid. In addition to the virus that broke out in Wuhan, China, other variants have been found in many parts of the world. The world was most concerned about the variants in the UK and South Africa.

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