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‘PM Narendra Modi is 100% right’ ; Popular American singer backs farm laws

Popular American singer-actor Mary Millben proposed her voice backing Indian farm laws at a moment when other celebrities posted their “uneducated” remarks on the farmers’ stir. Showing her belief in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s concept of increasing the lives of the farmers, Mary said the new laws give them direct access and opportunity to earn profits.

When asked why she wanted to back the farm laws, Mary Millben said, “There is so much going on in the society and technology unites us all so there is nothing that’s covered. So when I first began observing the protests and all of the discussions that were going on linked to the farmers, my heart went out for them, their families, and absolutely the leadership. In America, we need leaders who establish a policy providing us Americans the right channel, to opportunity the American dream and I really believe at the heart of this problem, PM Modi and the formation of the farm bills hit home to that.”

“It’s giving farmers a direct channel to the Indian dream. So, when I saw the protests and everything, I wanted to contribute positively to the conversation because there were some points of the bill the missing overall conversation. Besides, I have a love for India and its people. I have a relationship with the Indian people. I have had a great pleasure to know a lot of farmers, their families, and other people over the last year through my performances over Independence Day and Diwali,” she said.

When asked about her impression on people like Rihanna, Greta Thunberg, and others tweeting about the rules without having any information about them, Mary said, “We global artists, influencers have global stages and we have the obligation of managing them wisely. We have to make sure that we support, add to it positively for the progress of those in the call, and absolutely not diverting from it. Any social media post or comment that promotes social disturbance or hurt against law enforcement is certainly not good for India, the US, or the world.”

“As responsible citizens, we should be mindful of that and I must say there have been several folks who have commented on the protests and that has helped create a global awareness certainly about the farmers and the issues. In my opinion, their comments were uneducated and certainly fuel the fire rather than contribute to the real purpose of what Prime Minister Modi is doing,” she added.

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Reacting to a question on who are the people after the plot to insult the picture of India on a global state, Mary Millben said, “This a question many of us over the globe are asking when we see such situations rise up. I cannot tell you about a global conspiracy but many countries including the United States have energies that are anti-government which find their way into important moments like these. In the end, I would say, farmers in India need authentic voices who care about their issues and not self-interest and the one voice I can tell you about is Prime Minister Modi. I would like to say to the beautiful farmers of India to trust him and his vision. Say yes to free enterprise. It is time for the ambassadors of peace to rise.”


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