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‘Brahmanism based system in India’; Dalit Tantri abandons Hinduism and introduces new religion in Kerala

Malappuram: Dalit Tantri Biju Narayana Sharma is all set to form a new religion in the state. Dalit Narayana Sharma said in a press conference that he was preparing to introduce a new religion. He told reporters in Malappuram that a system based on Brahmanism was prevailing in India and that he was abandoning Hinduism and forming a new religion called ‘Adimarga Malavara’. But Tantri says the new religion is not a call to action, it is a necessity and a contradiction to existing conditions.

Biju Narayana Sharma said that the new religion is not a ‘caste religion’ but a human religion and everyone can come to it. He said that the first ceremony will be held on February 14 and the new religion will be announced on Sunday evening at Mathrukulam Dharma Raksha Ashram in Melattur. At the same time, religiously, they emphasize the importance of the night and the use of alcohol at ceremonies, but not at other times. Biju Narayana Sharma was attacked in 2017 for planning to organize Dalit priests and perform Chandika Yagya.

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