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An obfuscation campaign is currently underway to give intellectual cover to assorted foreign-supported regime-change agents. In this thread I will try to explain why these toolkit-creating agents of chaos are, in fact, committing sedition against the sovereign Indian State.

EVOLUTION OF WARFARE; To understand the present, we have to understand how the nature of warfare itself has changed over time. Without this, one will not realize the false contrast being created between “peaceful activists” and the State. Many years ago, battles were messy affairs between massed troops on either side indulging in wholesale slaughter. This is commonly referred to as first-generation warfare. Mahabharata, Alexander, Hannibal, etc were all examples of this. This is the classical image of war.

.With the advent of gunpowder, things changed. Specific gunpowder-related tactics evolved that could crush non-gunpowder armies on the field. The Japanese warlord Nobunaga as well as the European armies of the Thirty Years War developed what we call second-generation warfare. Napoleonic armies were probably the most refined example of second-generation warfare. In India, the Marathas under Sadashiv Rao had begun this process but couldn’t implement it fully, leading to the disaster at Panipat.

MECHANIZED WAR; With the coming of the Industrial Age, mechanization of armed forces began, giving unprecedented mobility to armies. The philosophy of war changed to concentrating forces at certain points by maneuvering mechanical divisions and achieving breakthroughs. Two greatest examples of this kind of mechanized warfare are found in German tactics at World War 2 as well as India’s victory over Pakistan in 1971. This is referred to as third-generation warfare. After the second world war, warfare changed again, firstly under the threat of nuclear holocaust and then under the unipolar security umbrella of NATO/US. Overt conflicts between equally matched States became rare. But this didn’t mean that conflicts were reduced. Instead, the conflict took on a new form, in which the nature of the adversaries themselves took on a more nebulous form.

VIRTUAL WAR; No longer were States fighting against other States for classical geopolitical goals. Instead, the new wars were driven by ideology, internal strife, and demographic pressures. The battlefield enlarged to include non-combatant population centers. In this new fourth-generation warfare, Goebbelsian tactics of misinformation and propaganda were married to both regular military and “non-state actors” to bring opponent States to their knees. Global jihad is the premier example of this.

THE SINISTER FIFTH GENERATION; India is the only country to have successfully defended itself against both third and fourth-generation warfare so far. However, what we face today, which various people call urban Naxal/breaking India forces is something even more sinister. Born in American think-tanks as a non-nuclear option to dismember the Soviet Union (yet including elements of Lenin’s Comintern strategy), this new kind of warfare can be called “WEAPONIZATION OF DEMOCRACY” aka fifth-generation warfare.

The objective remains regime change, but the modus operandi is significantly different from the other kinds of warfare mentioned before. First, the international conglomerate of media elites mobilizes public opinion against the State. Then, collaborator entities are used to undermine law and order. However, the act of breaking the law, otherwise known as a crime, is instead “sanctified” using MORAL gymnastics as something necessary against the MORAL evil represented by the state.

INDIA THE TARGET; Anytime you hear about “Hindutva” in rags like NYT, it is this playbook that is in action – delegitimize the target state by denying it the moral right to exist. Thus, emotional public opinion is pitted against established processes, weakening the democratic process itself. It is to be noted that the “morality” mentioned here is actually of the most spurious kind imaginable. A motley collection of keywords are drummed up to be “absolute good” – like freedom of speech – which is conveniently forgotten the moment the objective is achieved. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, fifth-generation warfare became a tool for the transnational alliance of big corporates and neo-colonial Western deep-states to deal with troublesome countries that display the thing that they hate the most – A SPINE.

Today, India has one of the finest militaries in the world. Our forces have stood eyeball to eyeball with a belligerent China. We have successfully negotiated the most brutal 4th-Gen flashpoint of Kashmir. That is why we find ourselves in the crosshairs of the Fifth-Gen cartel.

THE DANGER WE FACE; Understand this – India which is not a client state of the West is an enemy of the West. That is why everything that may show Indians to develop a sense of pride is denigrated by the neo-colonial media establishment. A vast web of collaborators and useful idiots are cultivated under the umbrella of “activists” – some are offered citizenships, some plum postings, some money, and for the true idiots – two minutes of fame.

The recent middlemen protest against farm laws is an example of this regime-change in action. Two-bit incompetent nobodies like Yogendra Yadav and Tikait suddenly became faces of democracy. Pornstars became farm-law experts. The ghost of Khalistan was revived. It is in this context that the toolkit – its creators as well as users – must be evaluated. A great crisis looms in front of our great nation. Our innate sense of right and wrong would be our greatest strength if only we can understand why certain events are playing out.

Nobody is a mere innocent “activist” here.
Behind their innocent masks lie the most vicious of intentions. It is up to us to recognize and expose them.


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