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“EXPOSED”; Chat between Disha & Greta Thunberg exhibits the ‘xenophilia’ of Indians !!!

A report that reveals the links to a very serious, global conspiracy against India.

Presenting the WhatsApp chat between Disha Ravi and Greta Thunberg to understand the ‘xenophilia’ of Indian Left Liberals or their blind devotion and allegiance to the so-called “whites”.This is the conversation that followed the great accidental tweet and immediate deletion of the Ready Reckoner Protest Toolkit on the night of February 4, which outlined the step-by-step implementation plan of the anti-India global campaign intended to be organized under the guise of the peasant uprising.

Greta, who deleted the tweet after Disha’s request, is asking Disha to send the edited and sanitized version of the document as soon as possible, instead of tweeting immediately. Disha informed that a mob attack is happening following the removal of the tweet, so she should immediately post something to silence them, or else she would be in trouble. About ten minutes later, when she realized that no matter what she edited, she could not escape the consequences of the mistake, she sent the edited tool kit and asked Greta for directions. “Why not tweet it now? We all have names in the leaked document. It is likely to be a bigger case. Talking to lawyers. They say it is better to remain silent about it until the commotions subside. Isn’t that okay with you?”

Greta: “No. I just need to tweet something about it. People are making noise”. Greta had no doubts.(They also tweeted that night that it was an updated toolkit.)Yet the way the direction ends the conversation is pathetic.”I apologize to you. I apologize for the inconvenience. We’re worried about legal issues. It does not matter. We guarantee you will not have any problems with anything. Your name will not be anywhere in the case. We are deleting social media accounts for the time being.”

Greta mistakenly tweeted that the tool kit was sent by telegram . And yet the direction is to apologize to them for it. Instead of deleting it, they should create a new dock for tweeting. “And even if we all go to jail, you have to make sure that your image is not damaged”. This is the most horrible condition of what is called slavery.

It has been two days since Disha was arrested. So far, Greta has not tweeted a single word protesting or declaring solidarity with the issue.Because all the command about Greta is just the brown-skinned slave eye that is about to die for her.It is a one-page tragedy poem. Citizenship law has been implemented internationally!! As soon as the law was notified, the Indian Ministry of External Affairs informed the Gulf Heads of State in record that the passports of Indians in the Gulf countries merely traveled documents and should not be considered as citizens’ documents. Most likely, the citizenship card will be issued first to the skeptical Gulf Malayalees.With that, those who are fighting for citizenship abroad and their supporters will start running for the Indian citizenship card !!

Without a citizenship card, Arabs would either be imprisoned or deported. In general, Indians in the Arab world are more likely to be respected and paid in the workplace because they know how to work.About 60 lakh Afghanis, 90 lakh Bangladeshis and 1.5 crore Pakistanis who work there on fake Indian passports will lose their jobs and have to return to their home countries. The Arab countries have welcomed the move by the Indian government. They also want to expel from the Arab world those who have terrorist links in these countries. That is why Imran Khan postponed trips to three countries like Malaysia.

The trans political trio in Kerala is trapping the poor foreigners in the vote bank. Khalistani extremists, Islamist terrorists, evangelical mafia, Pakistan’s ISI, China, leftist extremists, anarchists, environmental mafia , every criminal mob that is anti-people and anti-social has been organized together. Against India, against the growth of India, against the people here, against the culture ,under one umbrella. This is another report that exposes the links to a very serious, global conspiracy against India. It is not confined to one direction, or one Nikita, or Shantanu. A pointer to the shocking truths that illustrate the depth and breadth of the conspiracy that took place on so many levels tangled like a mire. There is no coincidence in every event that takes place here. What we are seeing now is the realization of a screenplay written as part of a master plan that has been written globally and has been storing people  for years. The saddest thing is that they are the young generation here, including our children, who are recruited by them as misguided anarchists by brainwashing them from within.

None of this is the same today and yesterday. Not a single morning was provoked by a farm bill. Farm bills and the CAA were the only opportunities for those waiting with weapons to take to the streets with it. At the time of planning these projects, it is a fact that many of the people they used to be born of were not even born. It contains many names, information, and facts that need to be understood. It’s time to move on. It is time to be careful what you think as you take each step forward.JAI HIND!!!


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