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‘What am I seeing? Is it a man or a cake?’ viral ‘cake man’ leaves netizens confused

From beautiful water melons to disgusting closets, cakes have taken every possible form. People opt for buying ‘unusual cakes’ out of curiosity and to make their dear ones surprise. How about making a man out of cake? Strange but here he is … the hospitalised handsome cake man!!!

A series of photos have gone viral in which a man is lying on his hospital bed. He has a beautiful smile on his face and gleaming eyes. He has some photos around him and a lamp by his side. A woman’s arm can also be seen holding a container with food items. Now, let’s pause for a while. Is the man real? He isn’t. Believe, he is a realistic cake instead.

Realistic cakes are just crazy and creativity has enough to do with baking. Skilled bakers can now bake cakes using all their creativity and make the world say ‘Wow’ with a single scroll. However, jaw-dropping part of the image is the man’s legs, which are dismembered. It seems to be a little creepy.

The object on the hospital bed is a hyper-realistic cake. Other images focus on the different body parts which are also cake. This cake man was made by British baker Ben Cullen, who is known by his nickname ‘The Bake King’ on social media. The cake man he made is for the project for Slowthai’s latest music video ‘Feel Away’. The man is simply a vanilla cake with chocolate ganache.

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