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Maulavi forgets to switch off the loudspeaker and snores; neighbourhood scared

Shweta memes are trending everywhere as a girl named Shweta shared gossip with 111 people on a conference call forgetting to mute her mic. Similar incidents have happened to many of us too. But some are so awkward or bizarre like what this Maulavi did.

Maulavi just forgot to switch off his loudspeaker and that isn’t a big crime. But then he slept near the mic snoring the whole night. The result? An entire locality was reverberating with snores People got scared and after realising that it’s their Maulavi, they began laughing. Someone recorded his snore and it has now become a viral trend.

The video was shared by Twitter user @dapakiguy92. “Molvi sahab mic on kr k sogaye (Maulvi sahab has slept with the mic on),” reads the caption. One can hear a person giggling as they record the video. No other details are given regarding when and where the video was recorded. However the video has gone viral and many netizens said that it was an ‘innocent mistake’. One joked, “Sounds like an apocalypse warning siren.. damn!”

So next time whoever there in front of the mic, check if it is off before you speak out some truth or say a scandal … or else, sure your meme will be out soon.


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