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Modiji saved India from the “political deceits” who destroyed our wealthy nation for about 60 years !!!

After Narendra Modi attained power in May 2014, it has set off a monotonous routine for both BJP chiefs and segments of the Indian people and the media to criticize “60 years of Congress rule” for everything evil with India. The prime minister frequently informed people that he required more than five years to revoke more than “60 years of mal-administration”.

Citizens consented to provide him more time. Many Indians appear to trust  Modiji as a sort of savior who will resolve all their dilemmas. Modi’s other successive landslide victory reverberates Ronald Reagan’s enduring fame as US president in the 1980s, when he somehow dodged criticism for his nation’s economic distress. Narendra Modi’s image has become more extensive than his cadre-based party, and a representation of expectation and hope for the common man.

Ever after Metroman E.Sreedharan declared his proposal to enter the BJP, those who regard themselves as knowledgeable have appeared with sharp comments.  Metroman E.Sreedharan stated that Modiji is honest and a man of anti-corruption. Senior lawyer and ex-Union law minister Ram Boolchand Jethmalani had displayed a related opinion. When E. Sreedharan’s statements appeared to the fore, many were looking for what Ram Jethmalani had stated in an interview with Time Magazine. He talked about the political leaders who had looted and damaged our wealthy nation for 60 years. He also states that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has arrived for redemption.

When asked about the quality he notices in Modiji, Ramjat Malani said that Modi Ji is a physically honest person to save our nation. He also pointed to poverty and hunger as the biggest problems in India. “Our political leaders are robbers who conducted burglary. Hindustan is not a poor nation, it is a wealthy country. But our politicians are thieves. They loot our India. The robbers stole around 1500 billion from India and invested it in foreign banks. What we require today is an honest Prime Minister who is not greedy for wealth and one who will not practice corruption. According to me, it’s Narendra Modi.”

I have compared Modiji with several other leaders. But I have never noticed an honest man like him. Modi has become the idol of the people. We can find the spirit of Narendra Modi anywhere, even from the railway station, to any other public space. He added that “Modiji is not anti-Muslim, Congress is anti-Muslim. Today, if anyone talks about Hindutva, they are not secular. That is the congress party’s propaganda.

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Ramjet Malani presented himself as the lawyer who has fought the case in the supreme court and obtained the judgment that Hindutva is the core of the Indian constitution. “It is the Elixir of our country. Congress will proclaim that they are communal and that they will pamper the Muslim-Christian sectors. If someone says they are Hindus, they will be named communalists, that is the deception.” – He added.

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