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‘Shweta zoom call’ meme turned into melody; netizens amazed

If you have good sense of music and editing powers, you can make any dialogue into a rhythmic song. And now It’s a trend to turn memes into beautiful songs. So then would any composer keep the latest Shweta Zoom call apart?

Musician Mayur Jumani has taken to Instagram to post a rendition of the viral ‘Shweta zoom call’, a meme that went far viral recently. He has come up with a catchy tune and that has amazed the netizens. “So many requests for this since yesterday had to do it,” the caption read.

He merged the infamous Zoom call with Jumani singing ‘Shweta your mic is on’ in sync and it sounded really good. The song became an instant hit. It is being shared on all social media platforms. Netizens took to the comments section to express their love for the song. Fellow musician Yashraj Mukhate, whose ‘pawri ho rahi hai’ song is a rage nowadays, loved the tune as well. Yashraj said,  “Broo kya mast melody lagri hai.”

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