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Blue to Pink; Stray dogs in Russia again turn their colour

Netizens around the world were amazed by pictures of some stray dogs from Russia with blue fur. While many thought the dogs belonged to a lesser-known breed, the truth behind their colouring was that they were suffering from the consequences of pollution.

The fascinating pictures were taken in  Dzerzhinsk, which is located in Russia’s Nizhny Novgorod region. The fur of the dogs have turned blue by pollution from chemical waste near a disused factory. The photographs were taken by some local residents near the Dzerzhinskoye Orgsteklo plant, an abandoned factory that shut down six years ago due to financial crisis.

Experts suggested that the blue colouring of the fur was due to chemical pollution. But the plant’s bankruptcy manager denied the authenticity of the images and called the pictures a prank.

What happened now is that the blue fur of dogs have turned pink. Many canines in Dzerzhinsk appear to have turned pink. Plant’s bankruptcy manager Andrey Mislevets said that the dogs may have come in contact with some copper sulphate from the abandoned buildings in the area and that can be the reason why they have tuned blue and pink.

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