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‘People fed up with corruption and vote bank politics of both the UDF and LDF’ says V Muraleedharan

Minister of state for external affairs and former BJP Kerala president V Muraleedharan has opened up his mind on the possibilities and challenges BJP will have in the upcoming election. He began with BJP’s vote share in 2016 which was around 15%. It went up in the Lok Sabha elections and then further up in the local body polls. This in a way shows that there is a favourable atmosphere for BJP in the upcoming election. In Kerala, the BJP’s vote share used to be the highest in the Lok Sabha followed by the local body and then the assembly. Muraleedharan also said that his expectation is somewhere between 17 and 20% for BJP. He added that people are fed up with both the Communist and the Congress.

He said that people are disenchanted with corruption and vote bank politics of both the UDF and LDF. ”The government here seems to be propagating to the country and to the world that they are the best. But truth is that this government has failed in terms of its response to Covid-19, employment or financial management. We will ensure that there is no vote bank politics, no corruption” he said.

He also supported Union government by saying that they initiated many activities on that front. He mentioned The skill development ministry. It has been authorised to initiate efforts to see what kind of employment can be provide to those who came back. Kerala’s income and finances are mostly dependent on the remittances from other states or other countries. He said that this should be converted into an economy which depends on manufacturing and efforts within the state.

Muraleedharan also said that the Sabarimala issue helped the Congress party gain huge support in the 2019 polls.  And he said, they’ll ensure that no such vote bank politics happen again.


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