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Canadian MPs pass motion calling China’s treatment of Uighur’s as ‘genocide’

Canadian MPs have passed a non-binding motion terming China’s treatment of its Uighur a “genocide”. The MPs also called on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government to officially label it as such. The motion brought in by opposition Conservatives was passed unanimously in the House of Commons by 266 votes out of 338.

The motion recognizes that “Uighurs in China are being subjected to genocide.” The MPs highlighted that “political and anti-religious indoctrination,” “forced labor” and “destruction of cultural sites” among other atrocities.

More than one million Uighurs are being held in political re-education camps. Beijing denied this and claimed they are vocational training centers designed to guide Uighurs away from terrorism. “Now Conservatives are calling on the Liberal government to respect Parliament and officially recognize the genocide happening in China,” said opposition leader Erin O’Toole. Trudeau said that there had been significant human rights abuse reports coming out of Xinjiang.


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