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Congress MP Shashi Tharoor ‘mocked by’ Pakistani comedian over English usage, See video!!!

Thiruvananthapuram; Congress MP, Shashi Tharoor, is recognized for his persuasive use of the English language. Practicing terms such as ‘Sesquipedalian’, ‘Perspecacity’, ‘Gonzo’ etc, could create its own thesaurus which people can refer to.

A lot of moments, memes, and funny tutorials on ‘Tharoorian’ English have formed their access to the internet. Many of them have endured making people laugh and even discover a new word.  Moreover, the MP comes up with a fresh word on events that always confuses us and we go bonkers understanding what it signifies and how it is articulated. Another instance of the related is doing it rounds. It is a funny tutorial video that spreads from Pakistan made by a local comedian there named Akbar Chaudry. In it, he comes up with ways in which one can speak the kind of English Tharoor does and ace it.

He performs so in two rounds. The first one includes him making a smoothie including the English dictionary. The second tip attempts to do the same into a party and breathe it like a drug into your veins. In no time, he begins to deliver the Tharoorian words. Unmistakably his speeches were playing in the background and Chaudry was just lip-syncing. Yet it is really entertaining to see.

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The funny clip got over 3 lakh views with 1148 retweets and 7241 likes on the microblogging platform.The Congress MP shared the video on his profile. He even claimed if a similar video on the Pak PM, Imran Khan as well. Netizens followed the bandwagon and discovered the video remarkably right. “No my dear friend.. no one can beat Dr Shashi Tharoor.. he is a legend..!! BTW it was very funny..,” one user said.  Another one added,”Fantastic. Amazing. Most hilarious. Prolific.”

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