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“FACT CHECK” ; Can we eat egg, banana and milk together?

Everybody knows that eggs and bananas are some of the healthiest foods and both are rich in nutrients. Eggs are rich in protein, vitamins, and calcium. It includes many elements such as Vitamin C, D, and Vitamin B6. Eggs are abundant in protein. Protein is also useful for muscle strength. It is hence necessary for cell growth. It also includes a lot of amino acids. It is very healthy food for the brain and heart. It is also rich in choline which supports brain health. Bananas are also very good for health. Rich in proteins, calcium, and vitamins. It holds all the minerals that the body requires.

Many people consume bananas and eggs together. But there is a video that was broadcasted a few days ago, saying that it worries to have the two together. It was thought that a sort of chemical was created when it combined and that it was harmful. Whether this is true or not must be told. Also, the blend of the two nutrients, which are high in nutrients, can produce many advantages to the body. Eating a boiled banana and a boiled egg is almost a whole meal.

This is a great combination for breakfast. Consuming this combination in the morning is very useful to evade acidity difficulties. Eating eggs helps in maintaining balance in the stomach. Like this, bananas are useful in the morning to get relieved of acidity. It is also good for stomach health and avoiding overeating to regulate weight. Giving children a boiled banana and egg in the morning will provide them the energy they require until noon. It can be said that other foods are not required until noon. It is very beneficial for brain health. This will also help in knowledge development.

Heart health
Banana and egg combo is one of the things that aids keep a proper heart rate. Protein supports stimulate the muscles of the heart. Egg proteins and elements like fruit and potassium are very beneficial for heart health. It is very good for regulating BP problems. An egg white contains 54 mg of potassium.

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Bananas and eggs are loaded in calcium. So it is beneficial for bones and teeth. As such it is very helpful for muscle growth and strength. It’s a great blend for those who exercise. Exercise also helps maintain you from getting exhausted. Eggs give protein and fruits provide potassium. Saturated fats in eggs help the body absorb energy. It is transformed into energy for each cell. Not only is it never bad, but it’s also a great breakfast.

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