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Hindus in South Africa pray for world peace

Johannesburg-Three South African Hindu organisations conducted a prayer ceremony here on Sunday for global peace in the times of the coronavirus pandemic.A yajnya (fire ceremony) was condcuted.Priests and individuals from Malaysia, Singapore, Kenya, Germany, the US, Indonesia, Mauritius, Nigeria and India delivered discourses.

Groups from the participating countries sang devotional songs and danced in languages such as Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Gujarati, Bengali, Marathi and Sanskrit. The prayer meeting was organised by some Hindu organisations namely the World Hindu Foundation, the World Hindu Pundit Organisation, and the provincial Gauteng Hindus.

Attendance in person at the meeting was striclty regulated due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The event was broadcast live on various social media platforms including Facebook and YouTube.Pandit Kirit Acharya of the Melrose Temple in Johannesburg said the idea of a mass yajnya was born last year when priests in 22 countries got together to form the World Hindu Pundit Organisation.“It is our duty to lead from the front and show unity among us, so that the message goes down to the ground, especially to unite all the Hindu temples,” the Pundit said.

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The organisation has close to 20 members in South Africa who had worked round the clock during the COVID-19 lockdown to provide aid and guidance to devotees, he said.

“Today we gather to kindle the flame of yajnya, and chant the eternal echoes of the divine to heal a nation and a world that has been brought to its knees and now cries for hope and healing,” said Swami Vedananda Saraswathie from the Arya Samaj Movement.Amidst the fascinating achievements of the modern era of science and technology, and improving our comfort levels, human chaos and environmental destruction have posed the greatest challenges for our well-being and most importantly, that of our home, Mother Earth.The result is hatred, violence, global warming and COVID-19. The world is forced to realise that the comforts provided to us by modern science and technology does not necessarily make life happier or safer. Rather, we have suffered losses incomparable,” he said

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