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China and Russia to build space station on Moon

In what could be a spectacular news for space research enthusiasts,two major space powers China and Russia have joined hands and  announced plans to build a lunar space station space station on moon. The Roscosmos State Corporation for Space Activities, commonly known as Roscosmos says it has signed an agreement with China’s National Space Administration(NSA).

The agreement is aimed at developing research facilities on the surface of the moon, in orbit or both. A statement from both countries’ space agencies stated that it would be available for use by other nations.The new development comes as Russia prepares to celebrate the  60th anniversary of its first-evermanned space flight,which was a ‘giant leap’ in man’s advancement in space.The International Scientific Lunar Station will carry out a wide range of scientific research including exploration and utilisation of the moon, a statement from both agencies stated.

China and Russia will use their gathered experience in space science, research and development and use of space equipments and state of the art space technology to jointly develop a specific guideline for the construction of an international lunar scientific research station, read the Chinese statement in Mandarin.It added that both Russia and China will work closely together in the planning, design,enhancement and operational working of the research station.

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Russia,the then USSR is the country which pioneered space exploration.But with the dissolution of the Soviet Union,it has been left far behind by the new superpower China and the arch-rivals United States in later years.  Following SpaceX’s successful launch,it lost its monopoly on taking astronauts to the International Space station too last year.China,as in other fields is repidly advancing in space technology too. A relatively late bloomer when it comes to the arena of space exploration,China upped it’s game last December with the Chang’e-5 probe successfully bringing back rock and soil it picked up from the moon. This was a major breakthrough in the country’s increasing dominance in space. The US will to return to the moon exploration by 2024 in a programme called Artemis which would involve a man and woman step on the lunar surface in what could be the first landing with humans.

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