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Minor Hindu girl forcibly converted to Islam & wedded off to Pakistan kidnapper!!!

Religious minorities in the Islamic state of Pakistan meet an extreme and continuous threat of extinction. Nearly every day there is the news of Hindu, Sikh, and Christian girls being kidnaped and forcibly converted to Islam as an Islamic country, not just views that occur as a silent spectator but also promotes it. However, another incident of abduction and forceful conversion of a minor Hindu girl has revealed in Pakistan.

A 13-year-old Hindu girl named Kavita Oad from the Kandhkot area of Sindh was abducted and then compulsorily changed to Islam. A video of the event which has now spread virally on social media was shared by Pakistani journalist Naila Inayat on Twitter. In the video, the minor girl can be seen sitting on the ground with a crowd encircling her and filming the video of the conversion services. According to Inayat, the conversion ceremony is expedited by ill-famed cleric Mian Mithoo of the Bharchundi mosque. Mithoo is a hardline cleric and politician and is famous for regularly carried out abductions and forced conversions of poor Hindu girls.

As per the report given by Sukhdev Hemnani, Vice-President of Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) on Twitter, notified that he is following up on the matter with local officials. He stated that the reports have proved that the girl is just 13 and he is receiving the help of lawyers to register a case in court. He continued that he is also coordinating with Sindh women’s department for help and support in the case. Sukhdev said that Kavita was forcibly taken to Ghotki from Kadhkot for conversion. He added that an FIR has been filed in the matter and a case will be registered by a lawyer today. Sindh women’s department official Syeda Shehla Raza has told that they are attempting to recover the girl.

As it normally occurs in such circumstances, the minor girls are wedded off to their kidnappers, making it legitimately challenging for their family members to get them back. The Hindu community in the Tangwani city of Pakistan endured a protest against the conversion of minor girls from the community and urged that Kavita be returned to her family.

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Events of kidnappings followed after forceful conversions of Hindu girls are prevalent in Sindh, Pakistan. Bellows of the victims’ families fall on deaf ears and even the courts in Pakistan neglect to do justice with the sufferers. Interestingly, such obvious and regular actions of religious oppression of Hindus in Pakistan go ignored by international human rights organizations.





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