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Secret manhole in the living room; Woman shocked to discover the secret in the mystery room

A young woman named Jenny is amazed to see the secret manhole in her living room. Eventually, Jennifer’s husband cleaned the manhole and went down to the manhole to clear their doubts.  It’s covered in dust, with hooks sticking out of the wall, and spider webs dangling from the low ceiling. When he goes downstairs, he reached a  room. It is clear that none of them have been used in the room for decades. The room also has bed and toilet facilities.

They are natives of California. Jenny Fernandez finds a bomb shelter hidden under a manhole cover under her bedroom floor. Jennifer has done a number of Tik Toks sharing her discovery of the shelter and what they find inside. Jennifer originally thought the bomb shelter was for World War Two but later learned the house wasn’t built until 1951, so actually, it would have been a shelter for nuclear bombs in the Cold War.

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