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Ways to be unique with your job applications

  • How to be unique?

There are many opportunities awaiting for all the capable candidates. it is the matter how we outshine in this by using some clever tactics that makes our CVs stand out amongst others. These tips will surely help you to make your profile a better one.

  • Grow your connection

Always be connected with people and try to increase your network connections. There are people who can introduce you to hiring managers, editors, recruiters and more.  So always maintain good connection with all.

  • Have a multimedia portfolio

If you have a multimedia portfolio along with your regular CV, it will definitely stand out. A multimedia portfolio is a more analysed explanation of your previous works and projects; it showcases your best talents and works for others to see.

  • Showcase your critical thinking skills

This is a really effective way, during your interview, you can add your thoughts and suggestions about applying a new perspective to an existing project so that it’s more effective..

  • A good handshake

A handshake will shake off your nerves because all it takes to get that job is your first impression.  Your body language showcases how attentive and analytical you are. Always be firm, confident and effective while drawing answers. And ofcourse, wear a smile and be confident with your dressing.


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