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How to make your skin glow using potato juice?

For those who love natural ingredients to look beautiful, the local grocery store comes as a blessing. Natural fruits and vegetables can not only add liveliness to our everyday meals but also make effective, easy solutions for the most common health and beauty miseries. For example, take potatoes – these stout tubers are probably one of the most popular components in the world. From the all-time International favourite, French fries to the desi, quintessential hit, aloo ke parathe. Potatoes are widely used in almost all cooking cultures across the orb. ” Potatoes are infamous. Many think that they contribute to weight gain, while these actually come loaded with many essential micronutrients like Vitamin A, C, B, iron and phosphorous,” shares Delhi’s leading skin and hair expert, Dr. Deepali Bhardwaj. Dorling Kindersley’s Healing Foods has a dedicated section on roots, tubers and rhizomes. The section talks about potatoes and classifies them as a component that helps fight swelling and high blood pressure apart from soothing the nerves. Potatoes are generally loaded with potassium, fibre, B vitamins, manganese and Vitamin C. Healing Foods describes potatoes to be especially helpful in detoxification and acidity management in the body.

Aside from sparkling bright in the cooking space, there are numerous other uses of potatoes alien to most of us. Its juice, for example, has long been used in cleaning silverware, getting rid of rust as well as handling skin-related issues.

Uses of potato juice:

1. “Drinking the juice is a quick way to benefit from its anti-inflammatory properties,” DK, UK, Healing Foods.

2. Local application of potato juice can help fight and treat a range of skin-related issues such as skin darkening, scars, spots, blemishes, hard skin, etc.

3. It can also be used to soften nail cuticles.

4. It also works as a skin glowing agent.

5. It works wonders for the under-eye area.

6. It helps reduce dark circles.

Dr. Bharadwaj says, “As a dermatologist, I recommend my patients to use potato juice under the eyes. It has skin tightening properties and can reduce premature ageing and wrinkles. Since the skin under our eyes is thin, it tends to wrinkle fast, potato juice comes to the rescue.”


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