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This lady will faint when she sees someone ‘ATTRACTIVE’ ; Know the rare disease…

Illnesses are apparently the most common reason for colds, flu, and headaches. Some of the fatal diseases that come to mind are seemingly cancer and AIDS. But there are others who, though it may appear like a joke, suffer a lot because of that condition. Kirsty Brown, a 32-year-old British woman, is having a similar problem. Kirsty Brown’s problem is that she loses control of her body when she sees people who are very beautiful in her eyes.

Immediate powerful emotions such as anger, fear, or laughter can cause muscle paralysis in Brown and cause sudden fatigue. Although this condition is rare, that it is usually associated with narcolepsy. Just two minutes is enough to cause fainting if you get this condition called cataplexy.

Kirsty Brown, a native of Cheshire, says she suffers from cataplexy attacks at least five times a day. This can happen up to 50 times in a few days. This problem is intensified when you see someone who looks normally beautiful. Brown explains that she often walks out of the house with her eyes down and does not try to look anyone in the face, as she is prone to sudden fainting injuries.

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“This is a very embarrassing situation. I went shopping once. As soon as I saw someone handsome, my legs started to swell and I climbed into the arms of my cousin who was with me to fall,” Kirsty said. Kirsty said the condition greatly shortens her sleep duration and often makes her feel tired. Brown adds that cataplexy can occur at any time of the day or night. Brown now finds that anger and laughter are the triggers for catapult problems. Presently, Brown is thinking about how to get rid of this problem.


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