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A burglar falls asleep while robbing a cop’s house. Know what happened later… [WATCH]

The video of a burglar who fell asleep during the robbery is now going viral on social media. The video was released in Thailand. A young man, who was tired of robbery, turned on the AC and fell into a small nap. The burglar, who had gone to bed, only realized that it was the police officer’s house when he was called by someone during the sleep.

The young man entered the home of Jiam Prasert, an officer at the Wichian Buri District Police Station in Phetchabun Province. The thief was recognized as a 22-year-old man, Athit Kin Khunthud, who was at first stalking the area to find a house to steal from. When he finally zeroed in on the officer’s home at 2 am, he entered it. But fatigue took over him, and he ended up switched on the air-conditioner. He decided to take a quick nap, which eventually turned into a long-relaxed sleep. The next morning, the officer saw the burglar curled up under the blanket. Soon the police officers were called to the house and all together they caught the burglar by the hand.


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