Ways to get rid of dark circles using castor oil

Dark circles are a big problem for the beauty of our skin and do not go easily. Taking stress, following an unhealthy diet, and not having enough sleep etc makes the skin under your eyes, dull and dark. If you still don’t care about it, it would become almost impossible to get rid of dark circles. Therefore, it is better to look for home remedies as soon as you get them. Organic castor oil can help you treat many skin problems including dark circles. Its moisturising characteristics and fatty acid content can nourish the skin under your eyes and keep it hydrated. Moreover, castor oil is rich in antioxidants that prevent skin damage done by free radicals. The oil is known to improve collagen and elastin synthesis and reduce fine lines, making your skin look younger.

  • MIlk+Castor oil

Take a small bowl and add 1 teaspoon castor oil and 1 teaspoon full-fat milk in it. Mix them well and apply the mixture under your eyes. Leave it for an hour. Then, wash off using lukewarm water. This mixture has to be applied once a day for a quick result. Milk contains lactic acid that can tone your skin and exfoliate dead skin cells, finally making your under eyes healthy and glowing

  • Almond oil+Castor oil

Take a bowl and add 4 drops of castor oil and 4 drops of almond oil in it. Blend them well and apply under your eyes. Massage your under-eye skin lightly and leave it overnight. Apply this every night before going to bed. Almond oil acts as an emollient and locks the moisture in the skin.

  • Coconut Oil+Castor oil

Take equal quantities of castor oil and coconut oil in a bowl and mix them well. Apply it on your dark circles. Pat the area lightly for 2 minutes. Leave it overnight. Coconut oil is a rich source of fatty acids and is anti-inflammatory. It can improve blood circulation to the area and lighten your dark circles.


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