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UAE’s updated list of fines for COVID-19 rule bakers

The updated list of fines and punishments for violating Covid-19 alert measures that were announced last month continues in force across the UAE, a top administrator warned on Saturday. This was implemented because the officials has recorded an increase in the number of violations after the night-time travel and so the restrictions were lifted.

The acting chief of prosecution of the Emergency, Crisis and Disasters Committee at the Federal Public Prosecution, Salem Al Zaabi, said: “The fine will be doubled for those found repeating the violation. Third-time offenders could face up to six months in jail and/or a minimum fine of Dh100,000.”

Read this list that was declared on May 19 and ensure you stay safe:

For individuals, families, communities

  •  Entertaining gatherings and inviting people over: Dh10,000
  • For being a part of a gathering as a guest: Dh5,000
  • Entertaining more than three passengers in a vehicle: Dh3,000
  • Private instructors violating rules: Dh30,000 (and Dh20,000 for whoever hosts the teacher)
  • Not maintaining social distancing at work or other places like stores and restaurants: Dh3,000 per person involved, Dh5,000 for institutions

At the workplace

  • If not using masks at work, offices: Dh5,000 for the company, Dh500 for the employee

On Covid-19 testings

  • Those who refuse to follow home quarantine rules: Dh50,000
  • For those who haven’t downloaded the smart app for tracking and for not having smartphones (for those who tested positive for Covid): Dh10,000
  • Interfering with the tracking device or app installed by authorities: Dh20,000
  • Not doing a Covid test on time: Dh5,000

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