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How to make “Deep-fried water” ; New concept goes viral, See video

In 2021, a complete year after we first began attempting viral food trends between the COVID-19 pandemic. Amidst the plenty of sourdough starter and mug delicacies, we’ve witnessed some simple TikTok trends that require beginner-level kitchen practice. For instance, videos of mashed potatoes made from potato chips and butter chai, but how deep-fried water goes viral???

Deep-fried water, the latest food trend this season, has now begun accumulating amusing responses on social media. The first video of deep-fried water was posted to YouTube in 2016 but the concept started trending again after chemical engineer James Orgill, who runs the channel The Action Lab, attempted deep-frying water in December 2020 and succeeded in the first try. While it seems impossible, the concept of deep-frying water created waves when YouTuber Jonathan Marcus whipped together some egg, flour, panko bread crumbs and 12 globules fried in peanut oil for an event called ‘The San Francisco Stupid Shit Nobody Needs And Terrible Ideas Hackathon’.

To form the dish, he applied calcium alginate produced from chemicals including aqueous calcium chloride and aqueous sodium alginate which works as a cover to what seems like a unsteady drop of water and *chef’s kiss* it persists in solid-state.See how it is made;

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In an interview with Vice, James Orgill a chemical engineer who operates the YouTube channel ‘The Action Labs’ which created the above video, shared his fascination with the science after the recipe and his hatred with the resultant dish that appears out of that experiment. He says, “First of all it’s surprising that you can turn water into an edible dish, and it’s a little bit comical to fry it after. It seems ridiculous to say, even impossible. It tasted really gross though. There’s no flavor, and it just tastes kind of salty and slimy.”




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