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“Brain waves indicate how good or bad a person’s hearing is” ; Read more…

For the initial time, researchers at the University of Leuven, Belgium have achieved in estimating brain waves straight through ear implants. These brain waves show how good or bad a person’s extent of hearing is.”In our research, we have succeeded in using these implanted electrodes to record the brain waves that arise in response to sound. That is a first,” said Ben Somers, a postdoctoral researcher from the experimental Oto-rhino-laryngology unit in a statement. He is the initial author of the paper issued last month in Scientific Reports.

Researchers anticipate this finding to support manufacturers to further advance smart hearing assistance. It can scale larger brain responses than the conventional electrodes settled on the head. An ear implant permits people with sharp hearing loss to hear afresh. An audiologist regulates the device based on the user’s facts. However, children who are born deaf or elderly people with dementia have more problems evaluating and communicating how strongly they catch the sounds, resulting in an implant that is not attuned to their condition.

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Researchers assume that the latest progress can modify the implant based on brain waves and assist to receive a measurement that does not depend on the user’s input. They also anticipate that audiologists can consult the data remotely and set the implant where required, without the user going through examination at the hospital. They consider that in the future, the hearing implant can adjust itself autonomously based on the reported brain waves.


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