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“FACT-CHECK ” ; The viral news of the world’s costliest vegetable verified FAKE!!!

The viral story of the farming of hop-shoots, the world’s most expensive vegetable, is being produced in Bihar’s Aurangabad district, is false! The viral headlines that carried people in the excitement and created a huge noise on social media are reported to be fraudulent news as there is no hop-shoot farming in any district over Bihar. The tale of the farmer identified Amresh Singh gained applause on social media after an IAS officer posted two photos of him with a news story about the farming of the pointed vegetable, which requires a huge Rs 1 lakh for a kilogram.

“One kilogram of this vegetable costs about ? 1 lakh! World’s costliest vegetable, ‘hop shoots are being cultivated by Amresh Singh, an enterprising farmer from Bihar, the first one in India. Can be a game-changer for Indian farmers,” IAS officer Supriya Sahu had posted on Twitter on March 31. The tweet went viral and received over 24,000 “likes” and was retweeted over 5,301 times by Twitterati.

One kilogram of this vegetable costs about Rs 1 lakh! The world’s costliest vegetable,’ hop shoots are being cultivated by Amresh Singh an enterprising farmer from Bihar, the first one in India. Many statements alleged that the 38-year-old farmer from Karamnidh Village in the Aurangabad district of Bihar has reaped a huge chance and is presently and is the first person in India to take such a step. According to a report, it was detected that the farmer Amresh Singh has produced black rice and wheat in the past but not hop shoots. Later a team visited Singh’s village in Bihar, it was exposed that no such crop was being produced there.

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Meantime, locals stated they had never learned of such a crop being cultivated in the region. The report moreover notified that when Singh was reached on phone, he said the crop was in the Nalanda district of Bihar. When the team arrived at Nalanda, he told the crop is in Aurangabad. Soon after, Saurabh Jorwal, District Magistrate of Aurangabad has doubted the growth of the crop in Aurangabad district, to which the official replied that there is no hop shoots farming in Aurangabad district.


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