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“Madvi Hidma”, The wicked-soul behind the Chhattisgarh MASSACRE ; CRPF swears the days of Hidma are ‘COUNTED’

Mortal remains of 17 security officials were recovered from the forests of Bijapur in Chhattisgarh, increasing the death losses to 22 in the most dangerous ever Naxal attack in four years that emerged from an ambuscade by some 400 rebels who circled the jawans from three sides in a range devoid of vegetation and poured on them machinegun fire as well as IEDs for many hours. The intelligence information about the bearing of the most wanted Maoist chief Madvi Hidma in the region appears to be a well-laid out trick. The Maoists, outfitted to teeth with light machine guns, were waiting in the foliage and grabbed the Special Forces off guard. The violent gun battle that followed lasted for over three hours.

Madvi Hidma, the man behind the butchering, is tribal and approximately 40 years old. He is recognized for his fatal traps and manages a pack of 180 to 250 Maoist rebels. Hidma directs the People’s Liberation Guerrilla Battalion number one and is also the youngest affiliate of the CPI (Maoists) supreme 21-membered ‘central committee.’ There is a compensation of Rs 40 Lakh on his head. A few unverified reports imply he has been designated as chief of the central military commission. There are no latest pictures of Hidma available. He is also presumed to be after the March 11 attack in the Sukma district of Chattisgarh in which 25 CRPF personnel were assassinated and also the May 2013 Jeeram Valley ambush on the Congress escort in which about 32 people including many state Congress leaders were killed.

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The method of Maoists operation
Naxals start their tactical counter-offensive campaign (TCOC) in January and June every year, where red ultras bring out the deadliest deception aiming at the security forces. They strategically keep this period as most trees emit their leaves letting the ultras better perceptibility and movement. Last March, they had set a similar ambush in Sukma’s Minapa, where they slaughtered 17 personnel. In April 2019, BJP MLA Bheema Madavi, his driver, and three personal security officers were executed in an attack in Dantewada. In April 2010, 76 CRPF personnel were killed in a comparable ambush in Sukma’s Tadmetla.


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