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Taiwan man marries the same woman 4 times and divorces 3 times. Know the weird reason

We have heard stories of couples marrying, divorcing, and reuniting. But a man from Taiwan has married the same woman four times and divorced three times. That too with the full consent of the woman … Do you think they both were crazy? Not only that, they are very intelligent. When the young man decided to get married, the bank in Taipei, where he worked, granted him eight days off. Under Taipei law, an employee is entitled to 8 days’ leave when he or she gets married. Even 8 days after the marriage, the young man was reluctant to return to work.

The man then immediately divorced his wife. Then the next day they married again. After remarriage, he is entitled to 8 day’s leave again. The young man took 32 days off after getting married 4 times. At the same time, things did not go as the young man intended. The bank, realizing the employee’s whereabouts, clarified that he would get only 8 days’ leave. Despite this, the young man returned to work after a 32-day leave. He then filed a lawsuit against the bank at the Taipei City Labor Bureau. According to Article 2 of the Labor Leave Rule, an employee who marries is entitled to 8 days of leave and by marrying 4 times he is entitled to 32 days of leave. The lawsuit alleges that he married four times.


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