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“Please eliminate me” ; Reality show contestant pleads for eviction!!!

Bigg Boss is a reality show that Keralites are watching with great enthusiasm. Bigg Boss Show is popular not only in Malayalam but also in Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, and Western worlds. The fact that you can get paid while participating in the show and that there are huge prizes if you win is what inspires even celebrities to be Bigg Boss contestants. When many people are appealing to be invited to the Big Show, what would it be like when someone pleads for eviction from the show???

The incident occurred in China. Produce Camp 2021 is a reality show similar to Bigg Boss. The contestant is Vladislav Ivanov, a Russian native of Mandarin Chinese. Ivanov came to China to teach Mandarin to two Japanese friends. The presenters approached Ivanov, who handles the Mandarin language effortlessly, hoping that the show will be a benefit. Ivanov signed without further thought. But a few days after the show started, Ivanov apprehended that he had lost his freedom and necessitated to be eliminated from the show. The contractor also needs to be a member of a new generation band if he wins a place in the final 11 finalists.

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Following this, Ivanov started to flirt with the tasks on the show and sing terribly. The purpose is to get people to vote and get out. At the same time, Ivanov’s audience support extended as it was rumored that the song was part of a song culture that was critical of anything. Ivanov eventually made the final list of 11 players.
Ivanov cried and begged the house to let him out. This time, however, the audience heard Ivanov’s request. Ivanov, who was ejected from the show, first said it was freedom. Ivanov is currently planning to go back to Russia.


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