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A startup by alumni of IIT Madras constructed ‘India’s first’ 3D printed’ house

A start-up company launched by former students of Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) in Madras has constructed the ‘first 3D printed’ house in India. Tvasta Manufacturing Solutions, a start-up founded by alumni of IIT Madras has made this achievement.

The company has built a single storey house with a space of 600 square feet. The house comprises of a single bedroom, hall and a kitchen.

The team behind the Tvasta explained that the ‘Concrete 3D Printing’ is an automated manufacturing method that constructs three-dimensional real-life structures at all realizable scales. A concrete 3D printer is used which receives computerized three-dimensional design file from the user and then fabricates a 3D structure layer-by-layer utilizing a specialised type of concrete specifically designed for the purpose.

“Tvasta’s 3D Printing technology is built to bring digital technological advantages to the realm of construction. The focus is to make the process available to all sections of the construction industry, including affordable housing and large-scale infrastructure building,” said the CEO of the company, Adithya.

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Tvasta Manufacturing Solutions in a blog post on its website said that it had developed its own material mix, which is an extrudable concrete consisting of cement, sand, geopolymers, and fibers. It prepared the final material mix by mixing the raw materials in a large hopper. “While 3D printing, the structure was specifically designed hollow to allow provisions for wiring and plumbing without damaging the wall,” added the blogpost.


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