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MP Tejasvi Surya apologizes to the staffers whom he had “publicly insulted”

Bengaluru: Sneaking from media, and despite his crew, MP Tejasvi Surya on Thursday night visited the South Zone war room to confess to the workers whom he had openly abused just two days ago. Nevertheless, he made it obvious there should be no audio or video documentation of his visit, BBMP crew did not esteem him and gave out a sore process. They taped his conversation with the staffers and also took photographs of him speaking to them and confessing.

He even gave some unusual clarifications to administer with the disorder. While Surya’s official Twitter page @offtejasvisurya said: “With No News, they create fake news”, the audio and photographs posted with TNIE show a complex tale.

Surya was at the war room at 7 pm Thursday and remained in the parking area before talking to the workers at 7.30 pm when the mob was weak. In the audio, he said: “I am sorry. It was not my intention. I aimed to help with beds, not to leak numbers or put people down. I understand your problem that your numbers have been leaked and you are getting calls. I am not saying all are responsible, but some are and they have been arrested.” He also attempted to give solutions like: “Change your numbers. I will give you all the new SIM cards. Switch off your mobile phones for 2-3 days and those harassing you will stop. Take calls only from family members and known people and ignore the rest, as I do.”

These clarifications, though, did not run down fine with the staffers who examined him as to how their numbers got dripped, and how could they switch their numbers which were connected to bank accounts and other government reports. Surya sought to accuse the bureau and BBMP administrators, stating they had made the staffers’ numbers public and they had left viral.

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As the numbers are on different social media platforms, hard to remove them, he said and extended to register a police complaint on their behalf. “The issue will die down in 4-5 days, until then please bear… the best thing is to ignore and switch off your phones… I had to inquire because my voters were questioning me,” he said. To settle up for the loss, he said,”As soon as vaccines for those above 18 years come to South Zone, you will be given the first dose and I will take it with you.” The staffers later told. “If the MP thought he can do a bite, well, we can too. We don’t believe a word he says. It is because of him that many have not come back and some are going to be removed. The future of youth is now at stake.”


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