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What will happen if 2 doses of Covid vaccines are mixed? Check out what study says

France: The world community is working hard to prevent the spread of the Covid virus. Everyone is hoping that the disease can be controlled through vaccination. Those who take the first dose of Covid vaccine are advised to give the second dose of the same vaccine. It is generally doubtful whether different vaccines can be used in the same person and if so, there may be some side effects.

The report of the researchers has come out, putting an end to the doubts of the people. Experiments in France have shown that the use of such a vaccine in combination may have minor side effects in the short term. Mild side effects have been reported.

The first dose of AstraZeneca and the second dose of Pfizer vaccine were injected into the population for testing. The study found short-term side effects such as headaches and fatigue in those who received the vaccine. Researchers from Oxford University published in The Lancet Medical Journal.

The study included people over the age of fifty. 10 per cent of those who received mixed vaccine doses reported severe fatigue and other symptoms. The study found that only 3% of people who received a single dose experienced these symptoms. Researchers also say that cats need to be included in any precautionary measures against the virus.




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