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Country approves Covid breath test with 1-minute result

Singapore: A country has approved a new testing to find out Covid-19 infection which gives result in less than one minute. Singapore has started using the new testing to find out the coronavirus infection.

The new testing was approved by the National University of Singapore. The technique developed by Breathonix, a NUS spin-off startup has got approval by Singapore.

The test works much like a standard breathalyzer test. A person blows into a one-way valve mouthpiece, and compounds in the person’s breath are compared by machine-learning software to the sort of breath signature expected from someone who’s Covid-positive. People  who tests positive in the breath test would be screened in a confirmatory PCR swab test.

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The Breathonix test so far has undergone two clinical trials in Singapore and another in Dubai. It achieved a sensitivity of 93% and specificity of 95% in one early Singapore-based pilot study that involved 180 patients.



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