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Eiffel Tower on top of two cliffs: Optical illusion by French artist JR

French photographer and contemporary artist JR has created a large optical illusion in Paris incorporating the Eiffel Tower.  His latest art installation plays with our eyes and brain and gives the impression that Eiffel the Tower is balanced on two cliffs facing each other with a busy road running down below.

The massive black-and-white photomontage was installed at Trocadéro square opposite the Eiffel tower. The open ground had images of rugged cliffs with a road running at the bottom. Another set included the base of the Eiffel with cliffs on either side. These two sets of images together create the illusion that the Eiffel Tower was built on top of two cliffs facing each and a road is running down at the bottom of the cliffs.


The illusion can be experienced only when a person stands in the right spot. When viewed from the right spot, the artwork in the foreground and background line up with each other and gives the illusion that the artist intended. The installation is set to remain for a month. People are queuing up to get photographed.

JR is well known for large-scale street art installations. His works combine art and action. It also has a humanistic approach that portrays social realities. JR was included in Time magazine’s 100 Most Influential People of 2018.

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