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A Wisconsin man sets a new World record. Watch the video

New Jersey: Nate Carrol, a father from Wisconsin, US has succeeded in breaking a world record and raising money for charitable causes by doing something that most people would consider an ordinary exercise.

In 2020, Nate Carroll wanted to see if he could break the world record for the most number of pushups in a year. He started his journey on June 13, 2020, and has now completed 1.5 million pushups.

Carol completed nearly 4,000 pushups each day, to reach a total of 1,500,231. He had also raised money for the families of the first responders, who died on duty.

He completed the world record in halftime at the annual Fun City Bowl at Metlife Stadium in New Jersey.

Nate Carroll Breaks Push-up World Record

Last year, Tunnel to Towers Ambassador Nate Carroll started his mission to break the 31-year-standing Guinness World Records for the most push-ups done in a 12-month period while raising money for the Tunnel to Towers Foundation. Today, Carroll has officially broken the record in front of a crowd of first responders during half-time at the 48th Annual Fun City Bowl: NYPD vs FDNY at MetLife Stadium. Thank you for your determination and commitment, Nate! More on Nate's journey here: https://t2t.org/push-up-challenge/

Posted by Tunnel to Towers Foundation on Sunday, June 6, 2021

‘Averaging over 4,000 pushups a day certainly develops muscle in the arms and core. However, what was most noticed was my awareness of how my body felt and responded to the stress of thousands of pushups each day,’ Carroll told the media. ‘Most dramatic change was… mental strength and the understanding that the body is a phenomenal creation, and if properly cared for and conditioned, can endure significant physical stress and accomplish tremendous feats.’

Carol says his mission will officially end on June 13. By then, he would like to see the numbers ‘911’ in his account as a tribute to the first responders who lost their lives on September 11th. ‘It was an honour to set a new world record here in New York in front of members of the NYPD, FDNY, PAPD and other first responders. I want this record to pay tribute to the sacrifice made by so many heroes that tragic day,’ he said



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