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Meet the JNU computer operator with 9 Guinness World records

New Delhi: Vinod Kumar Chaudhary spends his days punching numbers at Jawaharlal Nehru University, but few know that he has nine Guinness World Records to his credit. Chaudhary, 41, a computer operator at JNU’s School of Environmental Sciences (SES), set the record during the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown last year.

Chaudhary’s records range from fastest typing with a nose in 2014 to fastest typing blindfolded and fastest typing with a mouth stick, the records made by Chaudhary adore the walls of a computer center which he runs at home for poor and disabled children. ‘I was always fascinated by speed. As a child, I was very enthusiastic about sports but as I grew up I could not pursue sports due to some health issues. I, then, developed a similar passion for speed on the computer. I made my first record in 2014 when I typed 103 characters in 46.30 seconds with my nose. This is the shortest time taken so far to do this kind of typing,’ Chaudhary told the media.

‘Once, I got my certificate for the record, it gave me a different kind of motivation and I started practicing for more such records. I spent the next one year practicing and in 2016 I made two records,’ he said.

The second record he set in 2016 was for typing blindfolded all the alphabets in 6.71 seconds followed by a record for fastest typing in 6.09 seconds.

In 2017, Chaudhary, a master’s degree holder in Sociology, had made a record of typing all alphabets while holding a stick in his mouth, within 18.65 seconds. He broke his own record in 2018 by performing the same action in 17.69 seconds, and then in 2019 in 17.01 seconds.

In 2019, Chaudhary made yet another entry in the Guinness Book for the fastest typing with one finger, typing all alphabets in 29.53 seconds. ‘My aim is to makeover 19 entries in the Guinness book, a record held by veteran cricketer Sachin Tendulkar. I keep looking for new ideas and practicing for them,’ he added.

According to the Nangloi resident, he wants to start a full-fledged computer training school that has no infrastructure limitations and can provide free training to the needy. ‘Right now I run it at home. I have few computers where students can practice, but I have my own limitations financially. I plan to expand the center someday,’ he said.

The recent record Chaudhary set was not a typing record, as he wanted to try something else. ‘My last record is for maximum touching of hand by a tennis ball within one minute. I could do it 205 times. This is the first such record in the Guinness Book. When I proposed, they gave me a target of 180,’ he added.


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