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Shocking revelations of a Pakistani army officer captured by the Afghans

Pakistan’s army and government have always worked towards bringing Taliban to power in Afghanistan.The Pakistani Foreign Minister is constantly making rhetoric on behalf of the Taliban and Osama bin Laden, but now the Afghan army has caught a Pakistani officer who has been fighting on behalf of the Taliban. The Pakistani soldier had come to create havoc in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan’s media has identified the Pakistani soldier as Azim Akhtar. Both Azim’s father and uncle served in the Pakistan Army. The Pakistani army officer has been caught in Dand Patan district. Akhtar acknowledged to reporters that he was fighting the war on behalf of the Taliban. The Pakistani army trained Azim Akhtar for one and a half years.

Taliban attacks Afghanistan in a horrific manner
The Pakistani army officer said, ‘I was sent to fight in Kashmir, then to Peshawar, and then from there to Parachinar where I was assigned to an army base. At this point, the Taliban tried to take part in the attack’. Officials from the Pakistani army told Akhtar that there were Pakistani soldiers fighting against the Taliban on the other side of the border. For many years, Pakistan has been helping the Taliban.

The soldier’s arrest comes at a time when Taliban were carrying out horrific attacks against Afghanis. Afghanistan’s main border with Tajikistan has been captured by the Taliban. Security forces have abandoned their posts and some have fled across the border, according to officials. In Afghanistan, Sheer Khan Bandar is located about 50 kilometers north of Kunduz and is the first major area to have been taken over by the Taliban since US forces left.

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‘Taliban capture checkpoints on the Tajik border’
Khaliddin Haqmi, a member of the Kunduz Provincial Council, said, ‘Unfortunately, the Taliban captured the Sheer Khan port and the city and check posts on the Tajik border in the early morning’. At the same time, a military official has alleged that some soldiers have crossed the border into Tajikistan after they were forced to leave the checkpoint. In the morning, Taliban fighters had taken over the entire city.


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