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‘Congress killed the world’s largest democracy’ : PM Modi, Amit Shah Slams Congress

On the 46th anniversary of the 1975 Emergency imposed by the Congress government, PM Modi recalled how Congress had undermined India’s democratic ethos. In a tribute to all those who resisted the Emergency, he pledged to strengthen Indian democracy. In a similar vein, Amit Shah said on that day, ‘Congress killed the largest democracy in the world’. It was imposed during the Emergency to quell the voices against one family, he said, recalling the sacrifice of innumerable satyagrahis who were jailed overnight.

JP Nadda, the BJP chief, recalled the dark chapter in Indian history, remembering all the sufferings of the satyagrahis. According to Harsh Vardhan, the spirit of nationalism is deeply imbedded in the DNA of Indians, while condemning the Emergency. Shivraj Chouhan, the Madhya Pradesh chief minister, recalled the dark days when ‘every effort was made to silence those around us who objected to the Emergency’.

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1975: An emergency- On June 26, former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi declared a nationwide emergency. AIR’s studio announces that President Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed has declared emergency, citing internal disturbances, and that ‘there is nothing to panic’. Delhi went into darkness due to a power outage during the Emergency to stop newspapers from printing. In the next 21 months, there were many arrests. In the Sanjay Gandhi era, civil rights and fundamental rights were curtailed, and many of the leaders of the BJP were incarcerated under Congress’ high-handedness and brutal repression.


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